May 7, 1974 (29th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Pierre Elliott Trudeau (Prime Minister)


Mr. Trudeau:

As I was saying at the beginning of my speech, essentially I should like to show the consequences of dissolving parliament now and try to impress on the opposition and the country the effects of interrupting the business of the nation to have this expensive election of which the leader of the Creditistes spoke-interrupting the economic momentum which is making Canada a more successful economic country than other countries. And

May 7, 1974
The Budget-Mr. Gillies
interrupting all this for what reason? For the manoeuvr-ings of the opposition.
This creating of uncertainty for political reasons, the deprivation of the relief that the budget would provide to the needy, this renunciation of the tax on huge corporations is all brought forward for political motives. As I indicated in the earlier part of my speech, this has been motivated by the well defined reasons of the NDP and of the Tories. My final word on this-

Subtopic:   THE BUDGET
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