May 7, 1974 (29th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Pierre Elliott Trudeau (Prime Minister)


Mr. Trudeau:

Yes, Mr. Speaker, I suppose that would be a better slogan. One might look at the economic performance of Canada viewed by people outside the country. I shall not bore the House by quoting again the opinions of the OECD, the IMF, the Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times in respect of Canada's economy. I shall not even invoke the Canada Year Book, which is something of an authority, for the hon. member for Peace River. But, Mr. Speaker, I think if anyone looks impartially at the various reports they will have to admit that in a troubled economic world, Canada is doing relatively well.
In a troubled political world, particularly if we call to mind the comparisons that were made after October, 1972, respecting a stable Canada and its minority government, and the great majority of the President of the United States and the successful elections of the President of France and the Chancellor of Germany, it is interesting to look back 18 months later and to see how Canada fared in political terms and that Canadians are also doing relatively well and there has been pretty sensible political stability in the past 18 months.

Subtopic:   THE BUDGET
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