April 30, 1974 (29th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Florian Côté


Mr. Florian Cote (Richelieu):

Mr. Speaker, when I read the bill introduced by my colleague from Meadow Lake (Mr. Nesdoly), I told myself: surely he did not consult with the members of his party who participated two years ago in the stormy debate on Bill C-176 to prepare that Bill. The principles which he has laid out this afternoon are described in the same bill.
But when 1 read the speech on the Cattle Marketing Board, I told myself: there is certainly going to be a heated discussion between 5 and 6 Progressive Conservatives and the New Democrats, because the battle, in 1971-72 opposed two philosophies: on the one hand a desire to impose marketing boards too directly, and on the other hand, an attempt to reject my Progressive Conservative friends' position concerning these marketing boards. Between the two stood the government trying to make the marketing boards operative within as mush a diplomatic way as possible. And this was done by presenting the bill in the following manner. First, it was discussed with the people responsible for the local marketing boards in each of the provinces, who then decided in a democratic way, with the people responsible for the marketing boards at the provincial level, what decisions should be referred to the federal Department of Agriculture. Following that decision or that local decision, which was not arbitrary but which came from the grass roots

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