April 25, 1974 (29th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Stanley Ronald Basford (Minister of State for Urban Affairs)


Mr. Basford:

Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the remarks made by the hon. member for Middlesex. They point out a wonderful example of what happens in cities. He has chosen the city of London to demonstrate the need for this legislation. It is just such situations that are to be dealt with, and that is why I think the legislation should be passed as soon as possible.
With reference to the city of London scheme, I understand that they have consultants working on this. We have
April 25, 1974

been informed that the city is at a preliminary study stage, but the scheme is being worked out within the framework of the proposed railroad relocation bill. So that when the bill is passed the work of the consultants will fit the mechanism of the bill. The financial mechanism provided in the bill would mean that the city of London could apply to my department for 50 per cent of the study costs of developing the urban plan, and to the Department of Transport for 50 per cent of the cost of developing the transportation plan.
Then, once the relocation scheme is approved, they can get a grant equal to 50 per cent of the net cost to the railroads of the relocation scheme, plus moneys-we will deal with this when we come to the appropriate section- which might be required if some of the land were used for housing. That is, they could get money for housing or funds for special crossings under Parts II and III of the act.

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