April 25, 1974 (29th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Stanley Ronald Basford (Minister of State for Urban Affairs)


Mr. Basford:

Mr. Chairman, I go back and say what I said before, namely that it seems inconceivable that you could plan a new community without planning your transportation facilities as part of that plan and without the need to rely on this legislation at all.
Let me cite two examples of new communities. One is in the national capital region, where I have been speaking of the development of a new community which at the moment is called Southeast City. It is being located there because of the attractiveness of the particular site and the fact that it now has a transportation corridor to it. One would plan that new community by providing transportation facilities to it as part of an original new plan for a new community, and without any reference to this particular legislation.
The other is the community of Pickering, being planned in association with the proposed new airport. That is a situation where the government of Ontario, in association with the airport, is planning a new community. We have again said we will co-operate with the provincial government in the provision of public transit and rapid transit facilities to that new community. They will be developed as part of a new transportation plan for that new community. They will be facilities that will not need correcting.
I want to say that in both examples I cited, Southeast City and the new community outside metro Toronto, they would be by definition an urban area deemed to be within an urban area. Southeast City would be deemed to fit within this definition if it wre necessary to apply it, although I cannot conceive of needing to make use of it. Both Southeast City and Pickering would be deemed to be within the definition.

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