April 25, 1974 (29th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Stanley Ronald Basford (Minister of State for Urban Affairs)


Mr. Basford:

Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the question very much. I would answer it by saying that this legislation is obviously designed to deal with situations that currently exist and correct things. With regard to railway lines, if they are being under-utilized or could more effectively be utilized, the CTC by way of a transportation plan would be allowed to make an order as to a relocation, re-routing or re-use of those lands or rights of way.
With regard to new towns, we passed legislation in this House a year ago to finance new towns. If you were developing a new town, I quite frankly cannot conceive that you would design it to have a major railroad relocation as part of the plan or a year after the start. A new community being planned and developed now would use the best possible planning techniques and advice. It would not have to use this kind of technique to go back and correct or change things. I appreciate the hon. member's concern that we consider new towns or new communities, something in which I am very interested; but in developing a new community, you would plan it so you would not have to use these provisions at all.
The hon. member raised the specific question of rapid transit or public transit. Again you would not have to use these provisions because you would have to put in the transportation facilities as part of the plan for the new community.

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