April 25, 1974 (29th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Thomas Speakman Barnett

New Democratic Party

Mr. Barnett:

I do not think there is, but we will not go into that at the moment. May I ask another question. The definition section deals with "transport plan". The question which arises is this: How would this legislation apply, if at all, to new communities such as have sprung up in British Columbia and elsewhere which have been referred to as instant towns? I do not know of any served directly by railway. I think of the town of MacKenzie, north of Prince George. There is much talk about creating new satellites to urban areas. I ask the minister to look at clause 6(1) which says, "For the purpose of carrying into effect a transportation plan accepted by the Commission under section 5," certain things shall be done. I understand that section 5 deals with a plan, which would have to be accepted by the commission, which would include both the urban development and transportation plan.
I may be wrong, but as others have observed this bill is complex. If I am correct, and this is the aspect which interests me in relation to the development of new, planned communities, then may I say this. Clause 6(2) (c) empowers the commission, in relation to carrying into effect the transportation plan, to "require a railway company to build a railway line in such location as may be specified by the Commission within the transportation study area to which the transportation plan relates". That power could be important in relation to proper planning
Relocation of Railway Lines
and direction to a railway company to fit its service for a planned community which is to be an urban area. Can the direction be given before the area has acquired the minimum population of 1,000 but which, once the direction has come into effect, will, for the purposes of the next census, acquire sufficient population to be classed as an urban area? I wonder whether the minister could comment on the implications of the legislation for the kind of situation I am trying to suggest.

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