April 25, 1974 (29th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Eldon Mattison Woolliams

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Woolliams:

The hon. member says "nationalize Eldon Woolliams." I am going to digress for a moment, Mr. Chairman. I hold no brief for Imperial Oil Company, but when the NDP talk about profits they should think about the minister of this government who bought heating oil for $50 million, which is one-quarter of Imperial's profits. Yet nobody complained about that. However, when free enterprise makes a dollar, there is a great deal of complaint about it. I am not going to be sidetracked by that, Mr. Chairman.
Although this is a very short bill, Mr. Chairman, I think it is probably one of the most important to come before the House. In such major centres as Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton the railways own some of the choicest land, because the lines were built before the cities were. If we can get the railways to make changes and relocate in areas outside the cities, as has been done in Ottawa, then, when land is taken over for development within the city, whether by the federal, provincial or municipal government, I think a certain amount of that land should be set aside for parks.
I can only speak about the city of Calgary, which has developed very quickly during the last ten or 15 years. The streets are narrow and very little land has been left for parks. A large acreage of railway track goes through the city and an attempt was made by Senator Hays to have it moved so that the land could be used for other develop-

ment. It is not for me to say what happened at the city level as I was not a member of council and had nothing to do with it. The idea was good but it was killed, and the tracks are still there in the middle of Calgary.

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