February 22, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Pugsley (Minister of Public Works)



I wish to answer a question which was asked yesterday by the hon. member for-Welland (Mr. German). He made an inquiry as to a return which was moved for at the last session of parliament with regard to the dredges which are owned by the government and their operation for the last four years. The return has been prepared and has left my department, in the ordinary course to go to the Department of the Secretary of State, and I presume that 'within a day or two it will be ready for submission to the House.

The hon. member for West Algoma (Mr. Boyce) asked a question regarding the Sault Ste. Marie dry dock, a question which I am bound to say was unusual, I would not like to say offensive, because if it is offensive, it probably was unconsciously so on my hon. friend's part. He asked if a statement I made with rgard to the action of the government in reference to the Sault Ste. Marie dry dock was true, and he referred to some statement contained in a newspaper that an order in council had been passed deciding to grant assistance to the dry dock. I may say to imy hon. friend that I have nothing to add to or take from what I said previously. The formal application has not yet come before the government; it will not come before council until the report of the engineer is ready and no order has been passed and no action taken with regard to the subsidy to this dock.

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