February 17, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Thomas Hay


MeLEAN. It is not. My great grandfather fought with the loyalists, and when my hon. friend from Victoria and Haliburton (Mr. Hughes) condemned the action of the loyalists in making the sacrifices they did, in fighting for their king at that time, and then coming to this new country, rather than remain under a foreign flag, I say this is a matter which has nothing to do with the subject under debate, but which I would like to discuss with him at some other time. The Union Jack is good enough, Mr. Speaker, for me, as it was good enough for my forefathers, and I hope to live and die under the old flag.
Now, will you allow me to refer to the resolution of the 29th of March, and in that connection, I want to say this. I want to say that I, as a young member, am proud of the stand which was then taken by the right hon. the Prime Minister and the hon. the leader of the opposition when they joined hands for the empire and agreed to a resolution whereby Canada showed her readiness to offer naval assistance to Great Britain. I listened with great pride to the speech made by the hon. the leader of the opposition in London, the 1st of July last. When he said he was true to that resolution, passed on the 29th of March, and that he hoped Canada would soon have a navy of her own, that declaration aroused tremendous applause from the vftrv large number present. The fact that Canada was going to organize a Canadian navy was the one thing which every man you met in Great Britain seemed to approve of. I listened, with approval, to the splendid speech made by the hon. the leader of the opposition on January 12. He then said:
We have no Dreadnought ready; we have no fleet unit at hand. But w'e have the resources and I trust the patriotism to provide a fleet unit or at least a Dreadnought without one moment's unnecessary delay.
I agree with the leader of the opposition with regard to the fleet unit. I say that while the providing of these cruisers is a splendid action on the part of the government. we ought to go still further, and I would like to see one or two cruisers of the 'Indomitable' Dreadnought type provided.

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