February 2, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Joseph Pierre Turcotte


Mr. J. P. TURCOTTE (Quebec County) (Translation):

Mr. Speaker I am not a
member of the special committee which has this Bill under consideration. However, _ I have had occasion to express my views in this House when the Bill was first introduced. I was then, and I am still, of opinion that the government should give a fair trial to such legislation as regards public works, I have followed the meetings of the special committee and have realized the difficulties in the way of carrying out such a proposal, and, on the other hand, its paramount importance to all members of the House.
This very day an expert was heard on the subject, and his statement goes to show that there is such a variety of interests concerned in this labour question, that too much care cannot be taken in working out its settlement. I think the conclusion arrived at by those hon. members who make up the special committee, is based on a sound view of the public welfare, and the country as a whole will profit by a thorough investigation of the subject. In that way, will a proper settlement of the question be effected, a settlement which will be beneficial to the labouring classes as well as to all others.
I understood an hon. member to say that the farming communitv is not specially interested in such a question. _ I believe, on the contrary, that in determining what are the rights and obligations of the government in a matter of this importance, we are doing something which is serviceable to the farming community, and as representing an agricultural constituency. I cannot but approve of the suggestion made by the special committee.

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