February 2, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


George Gerald King



The decisions of the courts are only one phase of the matter. But referring the matter to the Justice Department would not get over the difficulty of throwing upon a department of the government an amount of extra work which, having regard to the work the department is already doing, it could hardly be expected to undertake. My hon. friend has said that this is a new departure. I think he is mistaken. I am informed that in connection with other committees of the House a like course has been adopted for example in the case of the telephone committee, where the assistance of an expert was obtained. It is simply that the committee may have the benefit of expert knowledge on this very important question. One or two clerks of the department, if given this special work to perform, I have no doubt would discharge it satisfactorily, but to do that would involve their leaving other work

for a considerable time. I take it that this House is anxious, and certainly the country is anxious, that this measure should be furthered as expeditiously as possible, and it is to expedite the consideration of this Bill, and also to enable the House to have the fullest information possible, that the committee has made this recommendation.

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