January 31, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Samuel Hughes



I desire to call the attention of the right hon. the Prime Minister to the following despatch which appeared in the 'Citizen' and other newspapers on Saturday morning last:
(' Citizen/ Saturday, 29tli January, 1910.)
New York, Jan. 28.-'The question of who has territorial possession of the North Pole has been revived again by Capt. J. Bernier of Canada, who is here to attend the annual dinner of the Arctic club of America to-morrow night. Captain Bernier, will ask Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the Prime Minister of Canada, to request Britain, the United States, Russia, Sweden and Norway and Denmark, all maritime nations bordering on the Arctic sea -to designate official representatives to accompany him on bis forthcoming Polar expedition which is to leave Quebec on July 15th next. The principal object of the expedition, he said, will be for a division of the Polar sea in order that Canada and the other six nations may have their fishery rights properly defined. Captain Bernier will visit both Croker Land, discovered by Peary in 1906, and Bradley Land, which Dr. Cook reported that he sighted, and, after raising the British flag, will proclaim them formally annexed to the Dominion of Canada. Great Britain, he said, formerly ceded to the Dominion all islands in the Arctic sea lying within its lateral boundaries.
I desire to ask the government whether they have received any such) request from Captain Bernier; and if so, is it the intention of the government to remind Captain Bernier that Canada is not yet a nation but part of the British Dominions and intends remaining so, and the expression that Mr. MONK.
Canada is another nation or that Britain is another nation separate from Canada is not applicable to actual conditions.

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