May 8, 1973 (29th Parliament, 1st Session)


David James Walker

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Walker:

I listened very carefully to the hon. member. May I now continue? There are many channels of communication that the hon. member has to members of the committee. If he would care to see members of the committee from his own party they would be his spokesmen. May I say that at the meeting on Thursday the subcommittee will be reporting and asking the full committee to adopt a priority of subjects. The question period is the number one priority subject for the Thursday meeting. Prior to now we have been dealing with the Speaker's estimates.
I must say that I hope no member of the House will fail to give that very important committee an opportunity to go into these matters fully so that not just one member who has a grievance will bring it before the House but will give the committee an opportunity to try to make this whole operation more satisfactory to hon. members such as the one who has just spoken.

Subtopic:   HOUSING
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