February 28, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)



The only work being carried on by my department is the one under discussion. All the other works are under the direction of the harbour commissioners. Things are not going quite so quickly, perhaps, as I would like, but still we are making a great deal of progress. If my hon. friend knows the harbour of Montreal, he will understand that a great longitudinal wharf is being constructed, and three large piers. The longitudinal wharf is very much advanced, and two of the piers are built. The third will be completed during the season. After that, the equipment of the harbour will have to be undertaken-we must lay down tracks, put up sheds and build elevators. I suppose that it is too late to-night to discuss the question at greater length, but, on another occasion, I shall be glad if questions are put to me on these subjects. The country takes a great interest in the port of Montreal. That port does not belong to the city of Montreal alone, but is essentially a part of our national system, and we all take a great interest in it. I anticipate that in a couple of years we shall have a port well enough equipped to handle the vast trade in store for us.
Public Works-chargeable to capital-Transportation facilities-Port Colborne-Harbour im->
provements, $220,000. '

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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