January 25, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Haughton Lennox

Conservative (1867-1942)


Yes, that's the way the money goes. And yet the right hon. Prime Minister, in the interests of the public, as he says, would ask us to have an investigation as to whether Mr. Lumsden was right in losing confidence in his staff-but you must not touch the substance of the question, namely, the cause of that loss of confidence. The figures I nave given show that the average rate, according to the classification, was 64 cents a yard, but the average rate as now classified is $1.21 a yard. That is, it was to have cost 64 cents for each cubic yard removed; as a matter of fact it has cost $1.21 per cubic yard. The quantity is five millions less to remove, but it is costing us $2,750,000 more to move it. The whole work, everything of the 103 schedule items which appear in the returns brought down, covering everything, except rails and ties and things of that kind, the total expenditure on the contract was to be, as I said, $12,000,000 foT 103 items; the actual expenditure for three items alone is $12,900,000, or in round figures $900,000 more for these three items than it was to be for the 103 items entering into construction of this whole 244 miles of road. Now, the Minist:-of Finance-I am sorry he has run away-made careful estimates upon competent authority, and he found that this section of the road was to cost on an average $28,000 a mile. What does he think of it? Does he think that an investigation is necessary or not. when I tell him that these three items alone aver-Mr. LENNOX.
age, for this 244 miles, at the rate of $53,000 a mile. Well, that is the McArthur contract, and there is more of it.

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