January 30, 1973 (29th Parliament, 1st Session)


David Lewis

New Democratic Party

Mr. David Lewis (York South):

Mr. Speaker, I wanted the Minister of Transport to have the opportunity to table his statement before we commented on the situation because his statement is a great deal more important, if I may say so, than the statement made by the Minister of Public Works. As to that statement, I can only say the minister is following the procedures under the new Expropriation Act. I would simply ask him, very seriously and very strongly, to consider making available to the proprietors of the property in that area the opportunity and the financial assistance necessary for them to obtain their own appraisers instead of having to depend merely upon the appraisers that the department will appoint. This invariably places the person who owns the home or land at a considerable disadvantage.
As to the decision itself, I cannot but agree with the very eloquent, very succinct and very excellent statement made by the hon. member for St. Paul's.

Subtopic:   AIRPORTS
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