January 19, 1973 (29th Parliament, 1st Session)


Frank Howard

New Democratic Party

Mr. Frank Howard (Skeena):

Mr. Speaker, in commencing my remarks perhaps I should say I listened with a tremendous amount of interest to the comments of the hon. member for Peel South (Mr. Blenkarn) who just resumed his seat. He made some valid points which I believe deserve looking into, one concerning the tons and

tons of paper which Statistics Canada, or whoever is responsible, sends out to businessmen, which must be filled out and read but then is made little use of.
Incidentally, this is a situation which almost reached a peak during the time the right hon. gentleman from Prince Albert (Mr. Diefenbaker) was prime minister. So be it; it is a valid point. This is an harassment particularly of small businessmen. If we can do anything to eliminate that problem we will be making a contribution at least in respect of making life easier for small businessmen. Quite frankly, I do not think it will have any effect on the price of food. I do not believe the hon. member thought it would; it was window-dressing on his part. But it will ease the burden of the businessman.
I also have some comments which I was enticed to make in respect of the speech, if I can call it that in polite terms, of the hon. member for Ottawa West (Mr. Reilly);but inasmuch as he is like a hit-and-run driver, or slightly like a vulture who leaves his carrion and his droppings, and has left the chamber, I will wait until Monday in the hope that he will be here to listen to what I have to say concerning his attitude in this matter.
I see that you are becoming restless in the chair, Mr. Speaker, and I wonder if you are inclined to call it four o'clock. If so, I shall accede to your wishes in that regard.

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