July 4, 1972 (28th Parliament, 4th Session)


Marcel Joseph Aimé Lambert

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Lambert (Edmonton West):

The point is that in his explanation the minister cannot guarantee this. If there is a dispute, the court will have to decide what the law is. A court cannot consider anything that the minister says in this House. I think the legislation should be amended in order to make sure that the court could make the appropriate interpretation.
I am sure the amendment put forward by my friend, the hon. member for Halifax-East Hants (Mr. McCleave), is not one that conceals any traps. It is a sensible amendment as suggested by counsel, put forward for the sales finance companies on behalf of the efficacy of Canadian business. It is not trying to circumvent Canadian legislation for some ulterior purpose.
I hope that these amendments will receive real consideration from the minister and his officials and that perhaps tomorrow, if we are going to be back on this legislation, they can tell us that they have looked at it again and are prepared to reconsider it. The minister showed an example this afternoon by looking at the amendment of my colleague, the hon. member for Fundy-Royal (Mr. Fair-weather), and coming back with a modified version which in some ways met part of our desires. That is what I suggest he should do now. On that basis perhaps we could call it ten o'clock.

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