July 4, 1972 (28th Parliament, 4th Session)


Abram Ernest Epp

Hon. Martin P. O'Connell (Minister of Labour):

Mr. Speaker, I shall be glad to do that in as brief a compass as I can. During the weekend four days of mediation were held in Montreal in the Department of Labour's offices, with the deputy minister and assistant deputy minister assisting the two parties in an effort to reconcile their differences. As a result of that, a set of proposals was placed in front of both parties yesterday evening. Those proposals have been considered this morning at simultaneous meetings in the ports of Quebec City, Trois-Rivieres and Montreal. I am awaiting clarification of the results of those meetings. Various reports have come forward, but I am not yet on firm enough ground to know the exact response made to them by the unions at their meetings or by the employers.

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