February 28, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Gilbert White Ganong



Has the hon. minister decided upon any action with regard to the number of licenses for fish weirs issued in the county of Charlotte 1 Last year we had trouble. Many fishermen made their application asi usual, having received no notice, and they were only notified that they would not be allowed to build weirs after they had provided themselves with the necessary material. The matter was then brought to the notice of the minister, and he decided to allow the weirs to be built. Some applications this year, I understand, have been refused, although the parties are distant the required distance, 1,000 feet or more, from the weirs owned by their neighbours. What I wish to call attention to is the fact that while the de-

partment has issued 300 or 400 linceses, these weirs are not all built, but the issue of these licenses prevents others building. Would it not be better to issue 25 per cent of these licenses-that being the proportion not built-to people who will build. We have lost in population simply because the fisheries have not been as well looked after as they should have been, and I am not attributing the blame to the Liberal government alone. I think our people should be allowed to take advantage of all the catch within their reach. We hear a good deal about the depletion of the fisheries, but if any one had ' been in Charlotte county this year and seen the thousands of hogsheads of fish taken out of the sea there, he would not have concluded there was much chance of depletion in the sardine fisheries. There were probably more fish in the inshore waters this year than has been known in the history of the sardine business.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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