June 26, 1972 (28th Parliament, 4th Session)


David Vaughan Pugh

Hon. Hugh lohn Flemming (Carleton-Charlotte):

Mr. Speaker, I should like to make a few observations on the motion moved by the hon. member for Waterloo (Mr. Saltsman). I shall confine myself to the motion. May I first point out what in my opinion is the effect of the motion and indicate how the clause entitled "Purpose of act" would read were the amendment to be adopted.
I agree in general terms with the phrasing of the bill and with the idea of enunciating the purpose of the bill in its provisions. I submit it is of great advantage in all legislation to have the purpose of a bill set forth, so that those who implement it understand what the government is trying to accomplish. The framers of the legislation, for whom the minister is, of course, responsible, provided in clause 2 as follows:
This Act is enacted by the Parliament of Canada in recognition by Parliament that the extent to which control of Canadian industry, trade and commerce has become acquired by persons other than Canadians and the effect thereof on the ability of Canadians to maintain effective control over their economic environment is a matter of national concern-
I agree with those words. I do not, however, agree with the hon. member for Waterloo that he is going to add anything to them by putting in the words "political and social" so that this would read in part "to maintain effective control over their economic, political and social envi-

June 26, 1972

June 26, 1972
Foreign Takeovers Review Act
So I find myself unable to agree with the motion of the hon. member for Waterloo for the reasons I have just given. The government has a mandate to set up the machinery, and I am sure we will co-operate in trying to see that the machinery which has been set up, as amended by the representatives of the people, will do the best kind of job, the job that it is designed to do. However, I find myself unable to support the motion.

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