May 29, 1972 (28th Parliament, 4th Session)


Hugh John Flemming

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Flemming:

He told me then that the finishing of some parts of the highway would be quite expensive and he realized that our province had many demands on its treasury for funds to maintain existing highways. He thought the federal government should go a long way in encouraging us to get this work completed as soon as we could. He said that to that extent they were prepared to contribute on a 90-10 basis, the federal government contributing 90 per cent and the provincial government 10 per cent.
It seems to me somewhat strange, and perhaps coincidental, that another distinguished Nova Scotian should come today with a motion which specifies exactly the same formula which should be used by the federal government in dealing with the Atlantic provinces, especially Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Therefore, I rose only for the purpose of indicating to you, Sir, and to members of the House my complete support of the motion. I hope we will all see our way clear to uniting on it.
So far as the Fundy trail is concerned, I was impressed with the eloquence of my friend the hon. member for Saint John-Lancaster (Mr. Bell) because the Fundy trail is close to his constituency and close to his heart. I was impressed by his words. I rose only to indicate my complete support of the motion and to go back in time to show the interesting coincidence in that the Hon. Robert Winters had put forward the same formula as that proposed this afternoon by the hon. member for Halifax-East Hants.

Subtopic:   HIGHWAYS
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