December 9, 1909 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Angus Claude Macdonell

Conservative (1867-1942)


Well, the government are moving in the matter and it is their motion that we are now going to vote on. I had hoped that something better would come out of it. The Minister of Railways offers some small means of encouragement but I do not know whether he was in the House when I made my few opening remarks. What I said then and what I say now is that I merely suggest a public holiday for the purpose of having the election day purified, and, as far as possible, to remove corruption. I expressed my willingness then and I repeat it now to make any reasonable amendment to this Bill. I would be willing to adopt the Ontario system setting apart two hours for voting or to adopt any other reasonable plan by which the public can obtain a better opportunity of polling their votes on election day. However, with the government must rest the resnonsibility for the decapitation of this Bill. If the government are serious in their desire to facilitate voting on election day then let the Bill go to the committee and make the amendment that the Minister of Railways was kind enough to say that he would vote for. That, however, does not appear to be the intention of the government.
Amendment (Mr. Aylesworth), agreed to.

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