May 3, 1972 (28th Parliament, 4th Session)


Alfred Pullen Gleave

New Democratic Party

Mr. Gleave:

Mr. Speaker, I want to tell those people who insist on discussing provincial politics that once again, as we did in 1944, we will pioneer some of the solutions that have to be found for the farmers of this country. I am not here this afternoon to apologize for provincial NDP governments. I do not have to, because they initiated policies which are now being followed all over Canada, as for example, Medicare, with regard to car insurance and a number of other things. If hon. members opposite and to my right have nothing better to do than pick on those two provincial governments in the provinces which have suffered the most severe blast from the agricultural policies followed by this government, I am sorry for them. They will have their turn. The members from Manitoba should take note of the tax arrears in that province and the shape the farmers there are in because, Mr. Speaker, this is the road to bankruptcy. What I am saying-

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