May 3, 1972 (28th Parliament, 4th Session)


Abram Ernest Epp

Hon. Martin P. O'Connell (Minister of Labour):

Mr. Speaker, the new role that the Director General of Information Canada is expected to play in the foreign service has no relationship at all to the document referred to by the hon. gentleman. I want to state that very emphatically.
As to his second question, together with senior officers of Information Canada, I have been conducting a rather intensive review of its operations, objectives and goals, and we have produced a number of working papers that we are examining. We have engaged at least two expert persons, one from inside the public service and one a senior executive officer of a major Canadian publishing firm. We are going through the various operations to enable those very dedicated persons working in Information Canada to provide an even better service at reduced cost.
Inquiries of the Ministry EXTERNAL AFFAIRS

May 3, 1972

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