December 9, 1909 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Joseph Alfred Ernest Roy (Whip of the Liberal Party)


Mr. ERNEST ROY (Dorchester).

Mr. Speaker, I am a new member of this House and am not very familiar with parliamentary procedure; but I cannot understand the statement of one hon. member on the other side of the House, that the Minister of Labour has not the courage to adopt the principle of this Bill. If I understand the procedure of parliament correctly, when a minister proposes to refer a Bill to a select committee, it is understood that the principle of the Bill will be adopted, for the second reading of the Bill has to take place before it can go to a committee., I think it is understood by every hon. member that the Bill in its present form must be modified before it is passed. I think the Bill should be referred, not to a standing committee of this House, but to a special committee, which would be in a better position to obtain the information necessary to pronounce on the Bill. Therefore, I think the position taken by the hon. the Minister of Labour is the proper position to take on the Bill.

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