November 26, 1909 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Sydney Arthur Fisher (Minister of Agriculture)



I cannot say, but I think it was. Certainly if it was not it was contrary to the rules of the House. Bourinot says:
Rule 41 of the Rules of the House provides that no Bill relating to trade or an alteration of the laws concerning trade is to be brought into the House until the proposition has been considered in a Committee of the Whole House.
Then, later on it says:
Both in the English and Canadian Commons the rule, just cited, has been held to apply to trade generally, as well as to any particular trade, if directly affected by a Bill. It has also been decided that to bring a Bill under the rule it should properly propose to regulate trade as a subject-matter.
Under these circumstances, it seems to me that the Bill ought to be preceded by a resolution. I am not taking this objection for the purpose of blocking the Bill, but simply for the purpose of having it proceeded with regularly. The hon. leader of the opposition is quite right in saying that Bills have been introduced, probably on

several occasions, which, it has been afterwards found ought to have been .preceded by a resolution, and then the resolution has been proposed and put through the committee, and afterwards the Bill proceeded with.

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