May 13, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


William Samuel Calvert



Yes, I have the card in my desk now in the whips' room. I can show it to you, and I can show it _ to my hon. friend from Peel, and it contains the names of Mr. Turgeon, Mr. Nesbitt, Air. Todd, Mr. Carvell and Dr. McAllister. I said that while perhaps not all of these would speak I expected that most of them would. I put their names on the very
envelope that I showed to my hon. friend and I have the names of the Conservative members on one side and the Liberal members on the other. When I was asked by many of my friends if the vote would take place before eight o'clock, I said no, that it would be impossible. I accepted that as the statement of my hon. friend as to the arrangement of the debate, and I expected that it would be continued from one side to the other as has been usual for many years. Consequently when the debate came to an end I was very much surprised, just as other members of the House were. I am quite sure there was nothing wrong so far as we were concerned, nor do I know that the assistant whip intended to take any advantage, because it may have been an accident that a member from the opposition side did not rise. At the same time it was understood and expected that the debate would be -continued and that the leader of the opposition, the member for Toronto (Mr. Foster) and the hon. member (Mr. Doherty) would speak on the opposition side. I was very sorry I did not hear what my hon. friend had to say, but I know that we were endeavouring to -carry out the arangement in good faith, and I would like it to be understood that there was nothing done by this side of the House that was not done in good faith. Neither do I suppose that there was any intention on the other side not to carry out the arangement in good faith, and consequently if thp debate had been carried on as has been customary it would have continued until the middle of the night.

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