February 25, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)



In reply to the hon. member for South Leeds (Mr. Taylor), I pointed out a few minutes ago-the hon. member for Bothwell (Mr. Clancy) could not have heard me-that, before 1896, the salary of one officer in Paris, then $1,500 a year, was paid out of civil government through my department, but it is now paid out of this vote. The salary now is $1,400, but paying it out of this vote, accounts for by far the greater part of the increase of $2,000. The rest is due to the fact that more work is done and a larger number of documents are being copied year by year.
Mr. LaRIVIERE. Though I have been asking for information about the archivist's branch, it must not be supposed that I am opposed to the expenditure made with the object of securing information bearing upon the history of our country. I read every report made by Dr. Brymner, and I regard the compilation that is brought down every year as a very important one. I approve of the efforts that are made to get at the documents lying at the archives both at London and at Paris, because they throw light upon the general history of our country, and also because they form part of our political history. These are most important documents and we read them with interest when they come to us. I can readily understand that they cannot all be published because they would be too voluminous and some are of much less importance than others. Still they are so classified that we can readily refer to them and get copies, if required for any special purposes. I would ask the hon. minister if the allowance of $1,400 to Mr. Edouard Richard in Paris is all he gets for his expenses and salary 1

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