February 25, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)



I am very happy indeed to meet the desire of the hon. gentleman (Mr. Clancy). This vote is for the purpose of carrying out the work whieh has been entrusted to Mr. Brymner, Dominion Archivist. He issues every year an annual report dealing with the historical documents and incidents in the history of Canada. This report is considered by students, and by every one who is interested in the history of our country, to be of the utmost value. Numerous endor-sations of this work have come to my predecessors as they have come to me. About Hon. Mr. FISHER.
half of the vote, roughly speaking, is expended to pay the salary of the Dominion Archivist and his small staff at Ottawa. A great deal of the work is done in Europe, and about $4,000 is expended in the investigation of W'orks in the British Museum and the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, and in the transcription of documents relating to the history of Canada. The Archivist himself, from his knowledge of these libraries, indicates what works and documents ought to be copied, and we have in Paris an officer whose duty it is to search in the records there for papers and items connected with the early history of Canada. The expenditure is represented by the salary of that gentleman and the expense of copying in London and Paris. The work here is carried on by Dr. Brymner, with a clerk, a binder, and a young lady who answers letters and makes copies. We also have to buy standard periodicals to keep up the record from day to day, and occasionally books, which are available and useful in connection with Canadian history.
Mr. LaRIVIERE. For how many years has the copying of these documents been going on in London and Paris ?

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