February 25, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Findlay Maclean

Independent Conservative

Mr. W. F. MACLEAN (East York).

The question raised by the hon. gentleman (Mr. Monk) is a very timely one, and it is coming up in this House in another respect in regard to the Bell Telephone Company. That company is incorporated under Dominion law, and yet it claims to override the municipal law of Ontario in so far as taking possession of streets is concerned. I imagine that question will come before the House this session. The contention of the Bell Telephone Company all along has been, as against the municipalities, that because it is incorporated under a Dominion Act it does not come under the municipal law. Now, I
believe it was laid down in this parliament some years ago that a company so incorporated, no matter what rights they alleged had been given to it in its charter, was still subject to the municipal law, and that it did not require an exact definition of what its rights were, of a clause protecting the municipality. But the question is coming up, and it may come up in a very wide way.
I am glad the hon. gentleman has introduced this Bill for the purpose of making the whole question clear.

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