May 8, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


David Henderson

Conservative (1867-1942)


Yes, I will find a few. If you have a higher opinion of the farmers than you have of the lawyers, I shall endeavour to catch a few of them Mr. Julius Scriver was here then. He was a farmer and a very highly respected member of this House. I come to Joseph Alderic Ouimet, another lawyer, who afterwards became a judge in the province of Quebec. My hon. friend, may excuse me for not giving the names of farmers, because if I did he would tell me that the farmers were not capable of drafting Acts of parliament. It is for that reason I have selected men who are versed in the law, who would know what they were doing. Another of those men who made a blunder -and I would ask the Finance Minister to say whether this man did not know what he was doing-was Sir Wilfrid Laurier, now Prime Minister. He is one of those my hon. friend tells us made a blunder and who did not know what they were doing. He passed legislation he did not know the meaning of, and now we are to sit in judgment on him and declare that in 1879 he was guilty of passing into the statutes words which did not convey the meaning they were intended to convey. I believe that the right hon. gentleman was right then; and if he will only vote that he was I will be perfectly satisfied. There was another member of that parliament, in whom perhaps some hon. gentlemen would not have so much confidence, I refer to the hon. Sir Charles Tupper. He was one of those who made that mistake. Then there was Mr. Frank Killam, of Yarmouth. I am not sure but I think he was the late judge.

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