May 8, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


David Henderson

Conservative (1867-1942)


Certainly, let me read who were in parliament at that time. Were they inferior to the men we have today? Let me take a list of them. I have the journals of the House for 1879 and will give you the list, and probably the hon. gentleman who says that a grievous blunder was committed in 1879 will change his mind when he finds that his own respeeted father was one of the men who assisted to pass the Bill. We find here men like the Hon. David Mills. Did he blunder? I had a very high regard for David Mills. Many a

time I listened to him in this House and I often asked him for advice and counsel, and he was always willing to treat young members fairly and give them the benefit of his experience. The Hon. Wm. Paterson was member for the House then. Did he make a blunder? Did he not know the meaning of the legislation he was helping to pass? Is he willing to come now and say he made a mistake, and that the legislation they passed meant something else than he thought it did. Mr. George A. Kirkpatrick, afterwards lieutenant-governor of Ontario, was one of those who put that measure through. Also Dr. Sproule, and I never heard him say there was a mistake made. There was also the Hon. Mr. Macdougall, who then represented Halton. Will any one say that he was the kind of man who did not know what he was doing?

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