May 3, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Barr

Conservative (1867-1942)


I submit that this is one of the most important measures that have been brought before the House this session, and I venture to say that the end is not for the general advantage of Canada that as soon as the iniquity was pointed out, the government consented to Temedy it. We pointed out that this work was not for the general advantage of Canada from the fact that it was only a waterpower on one part of the river. The Minister of Justice declared that it might be for the general advantage of Canada, and it might not. The result was that that part was taken out. Why was it taken out?-because this side of the House fought it not onlv in committee but in the House. It was found to be a very glaring objection and the result was that the promoter of the Bill was willing to cut it out. The hon. member for Rainy River is satisfied to cut it down in any direction. All he wants is to get the Bill through and then he imagines that he can come forward next year and get just what he requires. If he can only get in the thin edge of the wedge and succeed in dividing the jurisdiction between this House and the province he will have accomplished his object. I am somewhat surprised to find the Prime Minister claiming that he has always been the champion of provincial rights. When I was in the provincial House and when we were fighting the question of provincial rights we always stood shoulder to shoulder with the government.

Topic:   EDITION
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