April 10, 1970 (28th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Charles L. Caccia (Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board)


Mr. Caccia:

Yes, Mr. Speaker, at the end of my speech. I do not know whether the hon. member for Oshawa-Whitby took the trouble-I hope he did-to mention the necessity of a manpower policy aimed at older workers. This area deserves attention in our society which makes obsolete people who do not have the benefit of certain training.
We also see in some segments of the industry a pattern, which seems to be repeating itself, whereby certain industries are not able to remain competitive and have to close down and put out of work a high percentage of older employees. I believe this area requires our attention if only to ensure that we do at least the minimum in helping those who have not been able to secure employment so far because of limited education and a modest technical background.
In conclusion, one can only assume that the motion put forward by the hon. member for Oshawa-Whitby is based on isolated cases. That may be quite legitimate, but it does not give the total picture of the effect the manpower policy has on the development of the human resources of our nation. In this respect, altnough no politician would ever be able to say that $250 million a year is enough or will ever be sufficient, with the resources available and within the limitations that exist I think the record of the Canadian nation in the field of manpower training is pretty outstanding.

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