April 27, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Patrick Molloy



You read it. The hon. gentleman asks: Will this government appoint a Royal Commission? I will send him back to his political chum the hon. member for Lisgar of the province of Manitoba to ask them to grant the commission that is practically demanded by the people of Manitoba to determine whether the lists in Manitoba are stuffed, and whether the system of appeal on the lists is fair and square. And let them go back to the year 1903, and we will undertake to prove, as I have said before, not only that the list was unfair, but that it was the most unjust list in the Dominion of Canada. That is the reason the members for Manitoba sitting on the other side of the House are so much in love with that system-because it had a good deal to do with them getting to this House in the election of October 26, 1908.
Something was said here the other night [DOT]-and I think the statement was challenged -as to the prostitution, of justice in the province of Manitoba. Justice is being prostituted in certain cases for political effect. And I am making the statement that it has been done in my own county; and I make the statement also that I believe these cases are known to hon. members from the province of Manitoba. I will mention one,-the case of Dominion City. The party there was sentenced by the

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