April 27, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Rodolphe Lemieux (Minister of Labour; Postmaster General)


Hon. RODOLPHE LEMIEUX (Minister of Labour).

I might just say to my hon. friend (Mr. J. D. Taylor) that my remark of yesterday was not intended to hurt the feelings of that hon. gentleman. I merely wished to state then that the first notice the department had received that any Siberians had come to Prince Rupert was through the remarks made the other day in the House by the hon. gentleman. The department, since these remarks were made by the hon. gentleman, has endeavoured to find out whether the statement made on the authority of a newspaper by the hon. gentleman, is true or not. As soon as we get any precise information I will let the hon. gentleman know. But I meant to say that the
only notice received of any Siberians coming to Canada was from the hon. gentleman's remarks. There is nothing in the Department of Labour to make us acquainted with any such state of things. We have written to the president of the Transcontinental Railway.

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