February 9, 1970 (28th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Paul Joseph James Martin (Leader of the Government in the Senate)


Mr. Martin O'Connell (Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Regional Economic Expansion):

Mr. Speaker, I quite understand the interest of the hon. member for Abitibi in the development of northwestern Quebec and particularly in the building of the road from Villebois to James Bay which is undoubtedly a project of great interest for the people of the area.
Last week, the Minister of Regional Economic Expansion (Mr. Marchand) received a letter from the La Sarre Chamber of Commerce asking for financial help for the construction of that road.
In view of the fact that this request is now under consideration, it is much too early to announce what decision will be made in this respect. However, I should like to point out to the hon. member that the building of roads comes mainly under provincial jurisdiction and that according to the departmental terms of reference, financial help can only be granted for that kind of project if it comes within the framework of the special area program. Furthermore, such projects have to be essential to the success of a development plan prepared for that area.
Therefore, the minister will have to take this important factor into consideration in the answer he will give to the La Sarre Chamber of Commerce in the near future.
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