April 19, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Mr. A. H.@

CLARKE moved that the order for further consideration in Committee of the Whole of Bill (No. 56) respecting the Canada Life Assurance Company be discharged, and that the said Bill be referred back to the Select Standing Committee on Standing Orders to inquire and report to this House what notice has been given to the public and to the policy-holders concerning said Bill. He said: I think the proper course to pursue would be to refer this Bill back to committee to inquire and report upon what notices have been given. On the 25th of March last, after reference to that committee, a report was made that two of the sections were within the terms of the published notice-the notice did not sufficiently indicate the nature of the powers to be granted under section 2,-and that the last two sections were not mentioned in the notice or in the petition,
, without recommending what course should be taken by the House. Since then, I am informed that these defects have been remedied by further notices.

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