November 5, 1969 (28th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mark Willson Rose

New Democratic Party

Mr. Mark Rose (Fraser Valley Wesl):

Mr. Speaker, in my first opportunity to reply to a statement on motions I shall attempt to be brief. Unlike the previous speaker I have not had an opportunity to read the statement of the minister. I heard it for the first time in the House.
First of all, I feel that this interim statement is one more example of the lack of any federal leadership in education. I think this is a particularly important problem. Recognizing the constitutional problem surrounding it, the fact is that the development of a cultural identity is one of the most important things we can do and should be doing. We should be extremely conscious of this. Arrangements for educational television are, of course, a part of this development. I believe we should be very conscious of this and should not proceed, as the ministers' statement would seem to indicate, on an ad hoc or piecemeal basis.
The withdrawal of Bill C-179 of last session is a recognition of the fact that technological
Educational Broadcasting changes will probably make broadcasting stations per se redundant and irrelevant. The inroads of cable television are likely to cause this to happen.
I think we must recognize the criticism levelled against ETV by educators across the country that ETV really is a national extension of the teacher on a one-to-one basis rather than an opportunity for individualization of instruction in education.
The non-granting of provincial licences is something we will have to consider. As mentioned by the previous speaker, I believe the Broadcasting Committee should be very conscious of the complete ramifications of this new departure.

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