November 4, 1969 (28th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Max Saltsman

New Democratic Party

Mr. Saltsman:

In a moment, Mr. Speaker. They ask: Why cannot we have it? The answer is, of course, that the federal government has decreed that we shall have austerity. These people ask: If there is austerity, why are there so many hamburger stores going up all over the place? Are they more important than providing accommodation for these people? I say no, but this government says yes. The government is to be condemned for that kind of callousness and for its refusal to act. The Minister of Finance (Mr. Benson) asks: What do you want me to do-interfere with the economy? That is communism. I say that is not communism, and if it means that we have to interfere with the economy in order to ensure decent housing for old people rather than setting up 700 more hamburger stands, let us interfere with the economy.
In my riding we have handicapped people. We pride ourselves on our manpower program. It is a reasonably good program as far as it goes. It does not go far enough because in order to take advantage of the program one has to be, first of all, three years out of school; one has to be unemployed for three years, which is the case with some of the handicapped people. They are told: Go to the province, which has a special program for the handicapped. This is all right except that the province does not have any money or any facilities, and it is doing what the federal
[Mr. Saltsman.)
DEBATES November 4, 1969
government wants it to do, which is practising austerity. There are handicapped children who need help. They are born with these handicaps. They are not being helped by federal programs; they are being turned away from the provincial programs and simply discarded on some kind of human junk heap. It is too expensive and troublesome to try to train them; they do not fit into the pattern.

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