March 18, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Joseph Pierre Turcotte



(Translation.) There is a dry dock at Quebec, which was built by the Liberal party as we all know, which cost a considerable sum of money, and has been in use until lately. Everybody knows that such undertakings are very important and cannot be brought to completion within a day's time.
I expected the hon. member for Quebec M est (Mr. Price) would contradict the statement made by the hon. member for Jacques Cartier (Mr. Monk).
I am well aware of the fact that pressure is being brought to bear upon the government in order to induce them to comply with the wishes of the hon. gentleman. But

there is many a slip between the cup arid' the lip and the hon. gentleman will have to wait till the country is wealthy enough to accomplish the dream which haunts his sleep. When his friends were entrenched in power, they neglected to make those improvements. Public money was squandered in the port of Quebec, and that expenditure gave rise to public scandals. But it was the people's money that was spent, when those millions were being squandered, and thrown into the waters of the St. Lawrence, and what was the outcome? As all the hon. gentlemen know, it was those scandals that brought about the downfall of the party then in power
I may say that a strong agitation is being carried on by the interested parties both in Montreal and in Quebec, with a view to securing the building of dry-docks large enough to meet the actual requirements of trade. Influential delegations from Montreal and Quebec have waited upon the government and have had interviews with the right hon. the Prime Minister and the Minister of Public Works.

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