March 17, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Robert Laird Borden (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. R. L. BORDEN (Halifax).

Before the' orders of the day are called, I would like to ask my hon. friend the Minister of Finance to have certain information prepared when the government's proposal respecting the loans to the Grand Trunk Pacific is brought down for discussion. 1 think the House should have all correspondence, reports and other documents relating to the matter. That goes as a matter of course. We ought to have a statement of the amounts actually expended up to date on the prairie and mountain sections respectively; also of the respective sources whence these sums have been derived; also an estimate of the cost when completed of the mountain and prairie sections respectively; also a statement of the amount required to complete each of these sections; also of the outstanding indebtedness of the corporation in respect of each of these sections and of the rolling stock; also a statement of the available assets of the company in respect to each of these sections. We should have full particulars of the location of these roads in relation to other existing roads now in operation; also a statement of the amount which has been expended on rolling stock and the dates when expended; also information as to the uses to which the rolling stock has been applied; and under what arrangement and for what consideration it has been so used; also a statement of the stock issues of the com pany and the proceeds thereof, and for what consideration and under what conditions or arrangements the stock has been disposed of and by whom it is now held; also information as to how the branch lines have been financed, and how they are to be financed; also information as to what these bonds would realize now if placed on the market, according to the opinion of the government; also information as to the prior mortgages now outstanding, of which I understand there are three; also a summary of these and copies to be laid on the table in so far as they have not already been laid on the table; also information as to the total anticipated capitalization of the eastern and western divisions respectively of the National Transcontinental; also all the information within the possession of the government as to what will be the amount of the total fixed charges upon each division and the total line when completed; also information as to the actual amount invested in the enterprise by the promoters of the undertaking. If there be any contract under Mr LEMIEUX.
which the indebtedness mentioned by the Minister of Finance this afternoon, the indebtedness of the Grand Trunk Railway to this country has arisen, I would like a copy of that contract laid on the table.

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