October 2, 1968 (28th Parliament, 1st Session)


Stanley Howard Knowles (N.D.P. House Leader; Whip of the N.D.P.)

New Democratic Party

Mr. Knowles (Winnipeg North Centre):

Also, I support the plea which has been made by my hon. friend from Churchill who said that in this area, as in all aspects of our relations with our Indian people, there ought to be consultation with them. I trust that the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and the Minister without Portfolio have heard the message and understand that there should be consultation generally with respect to these matter. I say to the Minister of National Health and Welfare that these remarks apply in his case also.
One statement by the minister gave me particular cause for concern, a concern I have felt many times when hearing members on the government front benches speak. He expressed the hope that the provinces would make their adjustments so that Indians within the provinces would obtain the same services other Canadians in the provinces obtain. It seems to me that here again we are calling on the individuals concerned to wait until something is developed. It is not good enough, Mr. Speaker, to say to our Indian peoples "Well, if we do not do something, the provinces will." The provinces on the other hand may say "No, no. It is up to the federal government to do something." In the meantime our native peoples are not enjoying the health care and services they need. Certainly the level of those services ought not to be at
October 2, 1968

Statement on Indian Health Services the level set last spring, but at a much higher and better level.
I am sure that we in this house who speak about this issue are supported by Canadians generally from coast to coast when we say we want a square deal in terms of health services for all our Indian and nothern peoples.

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