March 25, 1968 (27th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Gilles Grégoire


Mr. Gregoire:

Mr. Chairman, I do not intend to speak at length on that, but I shall merely sum up two paragraphs, from the newspaper La Presse of Wednesday February 14 afterwards, I will simply ask the hon. Minister of Transport what one must think about it and what are his conclusions.
Therefore, I quote this article from La Presse under the following heading:
"No money for Montreal, $9 million for Toronto."
And sub-heading, we find this:
"After tripping up Dorval, Ottawa gives a staggering blow."
It is rather harsh as a heading. Here are the first two paragraphs of that article written by Mr. Andre Chenier, from La Presse:
The federal Minister of Transport, Mr. Paul Hellyer, has just announced that estimates amounting to $9 million will be used for the expansion of Toronto's airport, which will be provided, among other things, with a new air terminal and a parking lot that will accommodate 1,500,000 more passengers per year.
For Montreal, it is not merely the tripping up of two months ago, through the elimination of estimates intended for a new runway at the Dorval International Airport: It is now a staggering blow on the most widely patronized airport in Canada.
Mr. Chairman, I have no objection to money being spent to enlarge the Toronto airport. The more Toronto expands, the happier I will be. But if money is taken away from Montreal to give it somewhere else, especially if those credits had been earmarked for two years for the Montreal airport, that is another story altogether. If what has been earmarked

for expanding and improving Montreal's Dorval airport is left alone and other credits are given to Toronto, I do not object to that.
I am asking the Minister of Transport what is earmarked for Montreal. Can he give us an idea of what must be done to develop the Montreal airport to keep it up to date and in step with the increase in air traffic, in the number of passengers, in the size of airplanes, etc.? I would like the minister to give me an answer and then, if I have some comments to make, I will.

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