March 25, 1968 (27th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Gilles Grégoire


Mr. Gregoire:

Mr. Chairman, I do not intend to delay the debate, because, I realize that the minister has set his heart on it; I merely want to obtain additional information on my previous question.
The minister tells me that when he will take the matter under consideration, he will study the possibility of the altering the old notice given in remote posts on the St. Lawrence, to the boats venturing in the St. Lawrence and stating that they were doing so at
IMr. Gregoire.]
their own risk. I admit that there was a certain risk, because it was colder than in the summer.
But the notice appearing in the light-houses and wireless beacons at the entrance of the St. Lawrence mentioned that the icebreakers were not there to help ships, but only to prevent floods and that ships could not rely on the assistance of ice-breakers.
Does that part of the notice which, according to the maritime insurance companies, was responsible for increasing drastically the cost of maritime insurances, will be changed to say that ice-breakers will help ships which enter the St. Lawrence, that is to say that they still will venture at their own risks, but at least they will get help from ice-breakers.
The difference between what I am asking the minister and the previous situation is clear. Would the minister give me an answer in this respect?

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