March 11, 1968 (27th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Robert Jardine McCleave

Progressive Conservative

Mr. McCleave:

Mr. Chairman, the hon. member who has just taken his seat directed some remarks at me and I do not expect he will quarrel with my rising. My response to his remarks is simple. I would not mind if the report were written in Latin, in Iroquois or in any other language. If there has been an injustice it is up to the government to correct that injustice. It should not hide behind the excuse that it has had to wait for months and months for a translation. If the report can only come before us in French and if the recommendations of the report are sound, the government should act on those recommendations. I would accept that wholeheartedly. I do not think we should take a good cause and trample on it or postpone action by hiding behind bilingualism.

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