March 5, 1968 (27th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Clifford Silas Smallwood

Progressive Conservative

Mr. C. S. Smallwood (Battle River-Camrose):

Mr. Speaker, I rise on a question of privilege affecting every member of this house and the use of the facilities provided by parliament for the members; and more particularly, as you are the guardian of our privileges, to bring to your attention a serious abuse of parliamentary privileges.
My question of privilege concerns the use of these facilities by a minister of the crown who is engaged in the campaign for leadership of the Liberal party. Mr. Speaker, last week there came to my attention a document which had been reproduced on the copying facilities provided for members of this house in the carrying out of their parliamentary duties. I feel that I must bring this matter to your attention in this way, Mr. Speaker, in order that these facilities shall not be used for business unconnected with the business of parliament, especially at this time.
I hold that document in my hand. It was produced on the machines in the photocopy room, utilizing House of Commons stationery, staff and facilities. The heading is "Agenda Ontario for Trudeau Committee." I feel, Mr. Speaker, that this is not a proper use of our facilities. The document has reference to the leadership campaign being waged by the Minister of Justice (Mr. Trudeau).
I am bringing this matter to your attention, Mr. Speaker, in order that you may take the necessary steps to prevent the use of parliamentary facilities in this unauthorized fashion and in order that the minister concerned and any others whose supporters may be acting in this way, may take notice and govern themselves accordingly.
I wish to make it clear at this time that it is not my intention to implicate the House of Commons duplicating staff in this matter in any way.

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