March 9, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


William Melville Martin



1 believe that it soon "will be worth $2,000. Each of these volunteers has the right to take not only a half-section under this Act, but a halfsection under the Homestead and Pre-emptions Act as amended in the last parliament; so that the South African volunteer, if he wants to become an actual settler m the west, has an opportunity to acquire a whole section of land, and in three or four years, when he gets his patent, he will be a wealthy man. I know personally some South African volunteers who have taken up their land and are at present on the highway to wealth as a result of the bounty given to them by this government. The hon. member for Vancouver also raised the question of the time given for entry to the volunteers. I believe that western sentiment is that ample time has been given to them They are allowed up to the 31st oi December, 1910. The hon. member for Vancouver would allow them to have untd the middle of 1911 to complete the entry. The effect of that would be to have the land tied up for two or three years. What we want in the western provinces is men to go on the land and cultivate it, and increase the out put of wheat and thereby increase the wealth of the country.

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